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Project planning, or the capture of current status, for the purpose of documentation, often requires the survey of an object’s geometry, or just some parts of it. In particular, it concerns single points, lines, areas or volumes. An example of this might be a production hall, which is to receive new machines, or be optimized with a new configuration. In order for such rationalization processes to be effective, it is necessary to obtain exact data concerning the position of objects in the hall.

Application Examples

  • Rolling Stock Manufacturing

    Stadler Pankow GmbH

    Stadler Pankow GmbH manufactures rolling stock, and asked us to mark out the position of drill holes in their carriages. Afterwards, we were to prepare the carriages for further production. Our expertise enabled them to almost completely replace their previous practice of using drill templates. This has greatly increased their production efficiency for this process. They also desired our long-term availability, sometimes at many locations. In addition, they needed us to be available for a large range of times. This ensured that their workload peaks would always be covered with the necessary measurement services.

    Initially we used CATIA to process the CAD data and export point data along with the 3D coordinates of the drill holes. Additionally, we amended the data model with any changes that had been made to the construction model. We then prepared it for subsequent processing steps. In order to mark out of the drill holes, the measurement system had to be aligned with that of the carriage. The drill holes of the interior fixtures were then marked out with an accuracy of at least 0.5 mm, as specified by the customer. We simultaneously took the interdependency of associated components into account. Subsequently, all marked out points were surveyed. Finally, the 3D locations of all marked points were then documented and archived.

  • Terotechnology

    PCK Raffinerie GmbH Schwedt

    At PCK Raffinerie GmbH Schwedt, we were responsible for the survey measurements needed for the exchange of a Gas turbine. After the installation of the new turbine, we concluded the work with a final survey.
    Our task involved measurement work to support the removal of the old turbine, and the installation of the new one. In order to achieve the most exact position and orientation of the main drive shaft in all three axes, we carried out a 3D measurement of the original model. During the installation of the new turbine, its main drive shaft was also subjected to a 3D survey; in order to deliver comparative data against the original. For this we used a laser tracker, since the accuracy required by the customer, could not be achieved using normal precision tachymeters. Later on in the project, we also used tactile measurements in combination with surface scanning. The use of our modern instrumentation enabled us to produce reports about the new position of the drive shaft, which were then delivered to the customer in both tabular, and graphical form. The customers greatly appreciated our temporal flexibility.

  • Automotive Industry

    preccon Robotics

    preccon Robotics gave us the task of the exact positioning of new robots in one of the  “Mercedes-Benz Werk Ludwigsfelde” production lines.
    Stäubli RX130 industrial robots were to be replaced with a new type. The new robots had to be surveyed, to check their calibration, and if any deviances beyond set tolerances were found, they were to be recalibrated. For these measurements the robots were instructed to adopt certain poses. Once in stasis at each predefined position, we surveyed their position by using reflecting balls, which were attached to their arms. It was possible to determine deviations with accuracy of better than 0.2 mm between the calculated, and actual position of the robot, and thus enable subsequent production steps. The customer was especially pleased with the high accuracy, our ability to start the project with a short lead-time, and our large temporal flexibility, which prevented a production shutdown.


Leica AT901-LR

The Leica AT901-Long Range, is a mobile measurement system, which is ideally suited for use in precision industries with large volume applications. Highly precise measurements can be made within a tracking range of 160 m, by using a laser tracking system for assistance. The AT901-LR has a higher tracking range than the AT901-MR and, contrary to the AT901-B, is compatible with Leica’s T-products. This makes its use much easier and enables a much higher spectrum of measurements to be made. The PowerLock and Absolute Interferometer (AIFM) enable measurements to a mobile target with absolute accuracy, so that precise results can be guaranteed. Because of its lightweight design and compact size, it can easily be transported and set-up by one person, and therefore used on-site, in a flexible manner. The short initialization phase, ensures that it can be quickly set-up, and used. The yearly calibration guarantees that the results are always reliable.


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