Leica AT901-LR

The Leica AT901-Long Range, is a mobile measurement system, which is ideally suited for use in precision industries with large volume applications. Highly precise measurements can be made within a tracking range of 160 m, by using a laser tracking system for assistance. The AT901-LR has a higher tracking range than the AT901-MR and, contrary to the AT901-B, is compatible with Leica’s T-products. This makes its use much easier and enables a much higher spectrum of measurements to be made. The PowerLock and Absolute Interferometer (AIFM) enable measurements to a mobile target with absolute accuracy, so that precise results can be guaranteed. Because of its lightweight design and compact size, it can easily be transported and set-up by one person, and therefore used on-site, in a flexible manner. The short initialization phase, ensures that it can be quickly set-up, and used. The yearly calibration guarantees that the results are always reliable.